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Federal & State
Hotel & Restaurant
Medical & College
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Retail & Commercial
Custom Home & Restorations


Whatever your needs, however small or big the job, you can rest assured that we will exceed your expectations. VRD has the skills and the products to create a dynamic look and feel to your office, institution or retail location. From our custom wall coverings to our one of a kind specialty finishes that take on the look of stone, VRD is your only choice.


What makes VRD unique and stand out from our competitors is our blend of painting services with the use of specialty finishes.


Let VRD create and maintain your vision. With our painting maintenance services we can keep your offices looking professional, your colleges and dorm areas fresh or your institutions polished. Contact VRD today.




Most people spend their waking hours within four walls. That environment often determines how comfortable those hours are. That's where we come in. At VRD, we go far beyond applying wall covering or a coat of paint. We create environments where people succeed.


There is virtually nothing we haven't done or can't do. Our experience ranges from surgical suites to conference centers, clean rooms to dorms rooms, computer labs to research labs.


For project that require a more quality controlled environment, our in house spray shop is ideal. It enables us to handle shop-applied wood and metal finishes for cabinets, doors and trim with total control.

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